Why us

Why us


We aim to listen closely to customers and to bring them the maximum benefit.
We pay close attention to the purpose of investigations and the wishes of our clients, and strive to provide the most useful information.
Here one can mention our flexibility in the choice of validation measures during information gathering, and accordingly, in the varying cost of checks.
We closely follow the developments and requirements for business information. The emergence of the Internet has fundamentally changed the accessibility of information – a great deal of initial information can be picked up by anyone using search engines and specialist forums. In this regard information requirements have increased significantly, and some well known Russian news agencies which flourished in the early 2000s, but which did not keep up with these developments have sunk into oblivion.
An important factor in the satisfaction of our customers is that our analytical reports are fully transparent. The origin of our information is specified with the source, be it media or the Internet (we give links to publications, regulations), the available sources of ‘second order’ (i.e., Commercial (arbitrazhnie) court cases – specifying the case number), archives of Company Registration Chambers (showing company registration numbers), direct sources - industry experts, partners of the subject of investigation, their former employees, etc.
Such presentation of information allows the customer to form conclusions about the reliability of sources and attach more value to reports, because the most important information does not come from public sources, but is extracted in the course of direct communication with the holders of information. A well recognized thesis of analysts is that ‘90% of all information is in the public domain’, we do not consider this true to our times.
In addition to the use of ‘live’ sources, our reports contain what we do best of all - analysis.
Our checks are done’ without contact’ - our methods always ensure that the target is unaware that it is being checked.
In our work we have acquired a large number of sources in different spheres and sectors of the economy, industry experts, administrative bodies, journalists, officials in various ministries and departments.
Where necessary we involve licensed detectives, we also have a media license, this gives more opportunities for validation in particular cases.
Work done by us is strictly within the framework of existing legislation. Information collected is of legal origin, and the use of licensed software, when we work with individuals, allows us to perform validation without violations of the ‘law on personal data’.

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